Live Home Productivity Hacks

By Busy Fox Aug 29, 2022

The global population is befuddled by the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic, which is spreading by the day. People are encouraged to maintain their distance and remain at home in order to avoid being sick. The World Health Organization (WHO) has ordered people to stay a safe distance in order to prevent the transmission of the CoronaVirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also suggested home isolation, in the sense that work, education, and religion are all done at home. Because we are usually at home, we should make the house as pleasant as possible, such as by utilizing high-quality materials such as linen curtains.

Step One: Get the House Ready
Before we prepare our brains and bodies to be productive, we must first ensure that our home is pleasant. A house that does not feel like home is not a home; thus, we must make it as delightful as possible. One strategy to do so is to choose the finest material for our furniture. As an example, as a curtain, choose a soft material such as linen. It is an excellent material since it can absorb both heat and moisture.

Work from Home (WFH) activities may have been limited to certain industries prior to the pandemic. During the pandemic, however, an increasing number of domains of work are employing WFH to limit the danger of COVID-19 transmission, particularly in office clusters. One of the keys to sustaining performance during WFH is to maintain job productivity. It is natural to get bored with the epidemic condition, which limits various activities. As a result, you may divert your attention with tasks, one of which is remaining productive at work.

Staying productive at work during a pandemic is vital because it allows you to make the most use of your time by conducting activities and creating work, whether for your job or for whatever reason you choose.

There are several methods or approaches you may use to sustain job productivity, particularly from home.

How to Work Productively?
The first step is to make a timetable. If you haven’t been scheduling, now is the time to start. You know what to accomplish by scheduling based on the current priorities. You won’t have to spend time deciding what to do first. The timetable may be altered as needed, whether daily or weekly. The second method is to charge the device before beginning the day. Forgetting to charge electronic devices is a little inconvenience that may disrupt job productivity. The idea is to charge the device that will be used for work as soon as you wake up, whether it is a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or even a power bank. You may be comforted if there is a power outage during working hours since the laptop and smartphone batteries are still charged. Then, with a fully charged power bank, you can at least charge your smartphone and keep your coworkers updated.

The third option is to go about your morning routine as normal. The environment that is comparable to a “vacation” is the most enticing reason to perform WFH. When working from home, all you need to do is follow your normal morning routine. Taking a shower, dressing comfortably, and feeding your stomach can help prepare your mind and body for work. After showering and eating breakfast, you may begin to create a pleasant working environment. Choose a room or area of the home with appropriate lighting and ventilation. As a colleague, you may listen to your preferred music while making coffee/tea/milk.

The last piece of advice is to constantly remember that health comes first. Don’t ever overlook your health, even if you work from home! Adequate sleep, regular exercise, and the intake of nutritious foods and vitamins are the keys to keeping the body in top form in order to accomplish work and meet deadlines that may persist during a pandemic. Maintaining job productivity is essential for being professional, but don’t forget to take care of your health, OK?

Preserving mental health during isolation is just as vital as maintaining physical endurance. Social distance may be tedious and irritating at times. You may feel the influence on mood, lack of energy, nervousness, or lack of sleep, as well as a desire to go out of the home and meet new people. A good mental state has an impact on physical health. As a result, it is critical to preserve mental health throughout the coronavirus isolation phase. Many individuals develop mental illnesses as a result of the stress of remaining at home. You may take care of your mental health by talking or video calling with loved ones, meditating, or viewing and reading your favorite literature.

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